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Please wait until your actual appointment time until you enter the building. We are trying to stagger appointment times as much as possible to avoid having many people in the waiting area. We are going to try to take everyone back to the treatment room as quickly as possible. PLEASE try to be on time.

Only patients will be allowed in unless you are in need of assistance. If you require assistance to enter the office that is understandable but  we may ask them to sit in their car while you are taken care of. Children, husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends will not be allowed in the front office to wait or in the dental operatories.

We are limiting the number of people in the waiting room and ask that you sit and stand as far apart as possible. Please do not stand at the front desk.

We have always cleaned and disinfected the work areas and office but we have revamped up the process even more and will continue to do so.

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